prettyFIT is a fashion-forward brand that caters to the needs of a modern woman seeking to express creativity and unique individuality through fashion.


Since 1994, prettyFIT has been empowering women with stylish and quality footwear with its unwavering attention and commitment to fit and comfort. All products are crafted with the finest materials and high-calibre craftsmanship, while ensuring the best fit for customers in mind.


With its distinctive take on designs while emphasising on quality, the brand offers sophisticated styles and effortless looks through its carefully curated collections of shoes and accessories.


Driven with passion, the design team constantly aims to create the next sought-after designs that customers love. Boasting comfortable in-soles and trend-focused designs sourced from around the globe, the brand’s modern and uniquely detailed products have become wardrobe essentials for all women.


To date, prettyFIT has made significant growth in both the local and international markets. The brand has spanned across 5 countries with 38 stores, with presence in leading retail malls in countries such as Myanmar, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Thailand and Singapore.