10 Signs You Are Addicted To Shoes (or are you on your way?) 1. The first chunk off your month's pay is going towards a new pair of shoes. (What's wrong? Work to live right? And shoes = life) 2. Heels, sneakers, mules, boots, wedges, you name it, you love them all. 3. You own the same pair of shoes in multiple colours. 4. You get excited about your trip to Ikea not for the meatballs, but a new shoe cabinet. (Yes to more shoe space!) 5. You need an additional suitcase for your shoes when you travel. (I can't choose. They are all coming along for my escapades!) 6. You get annoyed when a family member or a friend comments, 'New shoes again? Don't you have enough?' Well, clearly not. 7. It makes your day when you get compliments on your new shoes. 8. You admit that some heels you bought has never seen the light of day. Because they are too high to wear but too pretty to resist buying. 9. You hate it when it rains. Water spots on my leather shoes? Suede and fabric will be ruined. 10. You are permanently pedicured. Never know when the mood for peep toed shoes or sandals will transpire.