Elevate your vibe and walk with confidence as you step out in a pair of classic sling-back pumps fitted with an effortless contrast of metallic dumbbell-shaped heels.

While the shape of a dumbbell is usually a reminiscent of bodybuilding, it can also be a symbol of strength, and when it is elegantly used as the pillar of a heel, it brings out an extraordinary feminine feel that exudes style and assurance.

R-2069-Nude (Rae Sling-back Pumps)

Stand in awe with a comfortable pair of unique heels shaped like an hourglass, the Toby Slip-on Sandals make everyday feel like a runway. The curvy gradient coloured straps wraps around your feet beautifully and add a touch of sleek yet casual vibe to your style.

Whether it's a sweet getaway with the significant other or an outing with the girls, now you can slip-on in comfort and walk in style.

H-1965-Pink (Toby Slip-On Sandals)

Besides having a poise and refined sculptural design, the Renae Pumps is comfortable to wear for standing or walking around all day. Even with a distinctively spherical heel, walking can be a breeze thanks to the flat bottom of the heel.

Comfortable heels that look good and feel great is every girl's dream, take it a step further with Renae Pumps.

R-2009-Grey (Renae Pumps)

Sway in style and make a unique statement as you complete your outfit with a pair of classic slip-on sandals elevated by aesthetically geometric heels.

Affixed with dainty straps and a cushy rubber outsole for unrestrained comfort, the sculptural heel completes an intricate design with a minimalistic yet stylish look.

S-918-Ivory (Tabatha Sandals)