Ushering in the New Year with a New Look | It's the festive season! With Christmas coming up and 2020 fast approaching, how prepared are you for the new year? Whether you are looking for ideas to spruce up your wardrobe or seeking last minute gifts, we have some great ideas lined up for you!SHOES | We believe that shoes CAN and SHOULD be awash in colours. Here are the different types of shoes that you may WANT! Evening HillsA long night out can take its toll on your feet. You know what we mean when we say nobody wants to be caught in ill-fitting shoes! So we know how important it is to choose a pair of shoes that not only lets you shine, but goes the distance too.H-1895 | While evening heels can add to your stature in an elegant manner, comfort must not be compromised. Add a suitable pair of evening heels to your collection in anticipation of long nights out this festive season.Sneakers | R-2028 | R-2039Sneakers are reminiscent of school shoes - simply wearing them fills you with youthful energy. With a touch of schoolgirl charm, sneakers have become a major trend that you cannot afford to miss. | R-2035

R-2009 | PumpsR-1927 | Besides improving your posture, boosting your height, and accentuating your figure, pumps are aesthetically appealing shoes that add an instant sheen of glamour to your outfit.Step into 2020 with an added oomph, and continue making waves this coming year. | R-2029BAGS | While shoes are our passion and we can talk about them ALL DAY, they are not the only apparel that can make or break a look. Accessories like bags also play a part when you make your first impression. So do complete your look with the right choice of bags.TH-007 | TOTE BAGS | Tote bags often have a large capacity for all your stuff. Designed to be functional, they are great for shopping or running errands too.SHOULDER BAGS... | JF033JF029 | JF032 | ...can come in many shapes, designs, and sizes, and the aesthetic appeal is undeniable. Whether you are looking for a small sling bag or a bigger crossbody bag, there's a shoulder bag for everyone.THE RIGHT STYLE OF BACKPACK | can be chic and more comfortable as well; the weight of the backpack is evenly distributed, avoiding unnecessary strain on your neck and shoulders. | JF036BAG CHARMS | Finding ways to customize your bag? Bag charms is a simple yet elegant solution. They help you quickly identify your bag in a sea of bags AND makes your bag | AC - 149, AC - 146Inject a little more of your personality into your bag with our large selection of charms - from crystal bears to leather giraffes.And why not pick one for your best pal as well during this festive gift-giving season? We especially curated a few irresistible pieces and packed them in our thoughtful festive gift box, so you can add just the right amount of blings at the right places! After all, it's Christmas.CARD HOLDERS | AC-142AC-141 | AC-144 | Is your wallet bursting with cards (your Identity Card, EZ-Link card, debit/ credit card, reward cards, library card, etc)? Get a cool leather cardholder to convey your personality and add some perks to your payment routine.Besides wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, we would like to make choosing a new look a breeze for you. Since you are here, why not sign up for our newsletters and get a better grasp on the latest fashion trends with us? Let's start 2020 on the right foot.